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AkASL President – Nicole Roohi

AkASL Past President – Robin Turk

AkASL President Elect – Wendy Stout

Alaska State Library contact – Jacque Peterson

Organizations Officially Backing Funding
  • Alaska Association of School Boards
  • Alaska Association of Student Governments
  • Alaska Library Association
  • National Education Association, Alaska





AK school libraries need books!!

Support the funding of the Public School Library Collection Development Grant (Sec. 14.56.360 through .375)

School library budgets vary widely between and within school library districts and many students do not have access to up-to-date and varied print materials. To increase Alaskan student’s access to quality materials for their school curriculum and patrons it is vitally important for school libraries to receive adequate funding.

Tell Your Legislator

Featured alert image Take action and tell your story about how an up-to-date and dynamic school library collection is important you or your children’s education. ...

Write your legislator today

Click here to write a personal opinion message (POM)to request full funding of the school library collection development grant.

Start writing today to support funding of  Sec. 14.56.360; the "Public School Library Collection Development Grant."
A law relating to grant programs to support libraries.
You can read or print out the law as enrolled.

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The 2013 Session runs: January 15 to April 14.

The Alaska Association of School Librarians has begun a legislative campaign to get books on your shelves.

We need your help!

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